Aleksi Myllykoski with Tapani Rinne (Signature Dark)

Signature Dark From slowly evolving sound textures to esoteric rhythms, say hello to minimal richness.

Melancholic. Dark. Cinematic. Signature Dark is a novel musical concept which runs the gamut of vivid and atmospheric soundscapes from ambient to drone, dark jazz, dub, trip hop and experimental music. Occassionally, the sound will even be flipped into minimalistic techno and jungle territory.

Line-up: 9:00pm Finland, 7:00pm

UK LIVE: Aleksi Myllykoski with Tapani Rinne 8:00pm Finland, 6:00pm UK DJ Mekaanikko Visuals by VJ Indigo Direct link to the stream: (to be added) ARTISTS Aleksi Myllykoski with Tapani Rinne Aleksi Myllykoski is an audio artist, composer, producer, and a well-respected DJ from Helsinki, Finland. His new album Dark Days will be released digitally and on vinyl in the spring of 2020. Tapani Rinne is best known for his experimental and innovative style with the clarinet and saxophone for the seminal electro jazz group RinneRadio. ‘

They will play together material from the upcoming Dark Days album. DJ Mekaanikko Mekaanikko launched his DJ career in 1994. He likes to cross genre boundaries freely, but his exclusive Signature Dark set will focus on ambient, drone and doom. With Mekaanikko on the cut, however, it Is always best to be prepared for surprises! VJ Indigo Indigo is one of the best known VJs in Helsinki. He is known for his innovative and experimental visuals.

For Indigo’s Signature Dark set you should expect a selection of his most cinematic expressions! In collaboration with: Artlab Karanteeniklubi Curated Doom

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