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Welcome to — Coronagigs in Finland!

Increasingly many organizers are cancelling live events as COVID-19 spreads across the world, but modern technology makes it easy to stream performances digitally, to minimize the infection risk. That’s what many artists in Finland are now doing!

If you are a performing artist in Finland and would like to market a live-streamed gig of yours, please use this webform. The administrators will then add it to the list of coming virtual events at the top of the page.

See all coming performances here!

About us

This website is run by five volunteers with experience and careers in live culture, one of whom (a native speaker of English) is responsible for the website’s English content.

We are five concerned citizens and lovers of live culture. We moderate this non-profit website with the sole incentive of connecting artists and audiences.

We also hope that more performers of all kinds will get inspired and organize live feeds of their art!

The main format of Koronakeikat/Coronagigs is a stand-alone website for the best accessibility. Gigs are posted on various platforms (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube), so this list acts as an aggregate for them all, in one place.

The main focus of this website is to promote live music performances that are streamed digitally. Providers of other virtual services (such as yoga classes or music lessons) may want to contact other new pro bono services, such as Karanteeniklubi (with whom Koronakeikat/Coronagigs has no affiliation).

If you would like to contact us for more information or possible interviews, please send us an email at koronakeikat (a)

The administrators of this website do not want to connect their personal profiles to this non-profit online service; however, we will reply to emails with our own names.

The direct inspiration for Koronakonsertit/Coronagigs came from the Danish “Corona Koncerter” site (with which we are unaffiliated).