Signature Dark part 2

Signature Dark From slowly evolving sound textures to esoteric rhythms, say hello to minimal richness. Melancholic. Dark. Cinematic. Signature Dark is a novel musical concept which runs the gamut of vivid and atmospheric soundscapes from ambient to drone, dark jazz, dub, trip hop and experimental music. Occassionally, the sound will even be flipped into minimalistic techno and jungle territory.


9:00pm Finland, 7:00pm UK LIVE: RinneRadio with Performance group Polte
8:00pm Finland, 6:00pm UK DJ A. Myllykoski Visuals by VJ Random Doctors

Direct link to the stream: will be added to the Facebook event later…


RinneRadio RinneRadio is a legendary Finnish electro jazz group started in 1988. They are known of their unique experimental mixture of underground beats, progressive tranced-out jazz, harmonic soundscapes and shamanistic moods. RinneRadio’s work has paved way for the later evolved nu jazz as well as for the fusion of different organic and electronic music genres taking commonly place these days. The awarded trio has created identifiable trademark sound where the drum’n’bass and techno rhythms with dark dub, lush ambient soundscapes and timeless saxophone textures typically form the foundation. The result is atmospheric and surreal dance music.

RinneRadio line-up 2020:

Tapani Rinne (bass clarinet), Juuso Hannukainen (percussion), Aleksi Myllykoski (electronics)

Performance group Polte

Polte is a performing Finnish group that includes three performers and a pyrotechnician. At Signature Dark stream artist of Polte will create a circus performance built to the RinneRadio’s music. In the performance one can see changing emotional states and changing equipments lining the thematic of event.

DJ A. Myllykoski

Aleksi Myllykoski is an audio artist, composer, producer, and a well-respected DJ from Helsinki, Finland. His new album Dark Days will be released digitally and on vinyl on 2020. In forthcoming Signature Dark set we will hear music from lush dark ambient to slow moving doom jazz. Aleksi will take you to the minimalistic and meditative trip.

VJ Random Doctors

Random Doctors is a Helsinki-based VJ (Video Jockey) group formed in 2004. Mixing up live visuals they explore the depths of our cultural subconscious fearlessly challenging djs and musicians to push their limits. From festivals to smallest underground clubs and art events Random Doctors stay true to their mission, to seek the magical moment where music, visuals and audience become one.

In collaboration with:

Rockadillo Records

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