H Y P E R B O R E A L (Hosted by @elektroni and @thearcticpulse)

An evening of electronic music streamed from the north. Live and DJ performances all night. Artists from the northern parts of Finland, Norway and Sweden. l i v e: MENTAL OVERDRIVE (Tromsø, Norway) JUSSI ALARAASAKKA (Oulu, Finland) d e e j a y s: MATTI AIKIO (Rovaniemi, Sápmi) JAYDAY (Oulu, Finland) DJ DATS (Rovaniemi, Finland) RA-SHIDI (Oslo, Norway) v i s u a l s: ARTTU NIEMINEN (Rovaniemi, Finland) VJ TENETZ (Oulu, Finland) MKRF (Haparanda, Sweden) MIKE WATSON (Oulu, Finland) t i m e t a b l e: 16 Jussi Alaraasakka / Sonicscapes // Visuals: Mike Watson 17 Ra-Shidi 19 DJ Dats Music // Visuals: MKRF 21 Mental Overdrive 22 DJ Jayday aka J-Honey // Visuals: VJ Tenetz 00 Matti Aikio // Visuals: Arttu Nieminen Supported by: Arctic Pulse

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